Gabriel Ricard is a writer, actor, producer, stand-up comic and editor. He writes short stories, poetry, film/stage scripts, book/film/music reviews, interviews, essays, stand-up material and novels. His work has been published in numerous online and print publications. Currently he is a contributor to both The Modest Proposal and Unlikely Stories. As an actor he has appeared in and co-produced successful productions in both theater and film. He has also worked in radio and professional wrestling. Born in Canmore, Alberta, Canada he lives in Waverly, VA.
  1. Gabriel, this is Jim Chaffee. I just happened to run across your review of my Sao Paulo Blues on Unlikely. I would love to reprint it on the site The Drill Press. My novel in progress, a mathematical pornography, is appearing there in chapters, though it will not all be posted due to typographical limitations. By the way, I have a stepdaughter living in the farther out burbs of DC, in VA.

    I want to thank you for the review. I was disappointed when many readers of the book thought it wasn’t finished when I didn’t lay out what had occurred. Ah, well. If you are interested in the review appearing on the site, please go the site http://www.thedrillpress.com and leave a reply (there is a page of links) as I hesitate to leave an email address for spammers to gather, which seems to happen now no matter how hard one attempts to thwart the bots (though if you have access to the hidden email, use that one). I am always looking for essays and fictions for the site. The next fiction edition of The Big Stupid Review (the fiction mag) is targeted for Oct 1, though I will be in Mexico until the last of Sep so it will be late.

    Thanks again. Wonderful to read someone who can and does read.

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